Laurie Cunningham 350x350 headshot for WHPrior to joining the corporate world in 2010, I spent ten years working as a newspaper reporter and magazine editor in Paterson, NJ, Miami and Chicago — my training ground for learning what grabs people’s attention and how to explain complex issues in simple terms. Many of these tips I acquired on deadline, with editors yelling at me from across the newsroom: “Cunningham! One space between sentences, not two!

Those tips came in handy when I joined the marketing department at Baker McKenzie, where I wrote and edited the firm’s thought leadership campaigns for eight years. During that time, I also conducted writing workshops for lawyers and other business professionals on how to apply the skills I’d learned as a journalist to breathe life into everything from client alerts and newsletters to proposals and research reports (catchy headline, anyone?)

This blog is a compilation of the writing principles I taught during those workshops, plus a little more. Even though I left Baker McKenzie in April 2018 to join Bloom Group, I decided to keep The Writing Habit going because it encompasses everything I know about writing. Okay, maybe not everything. I still have some secrets, so stay tuned.